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This is my story .....


Our focus will be understanding the power and use of your personal testimony, your own story, of how you came to be in a personal, saving relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.


We’ll look at how testimonies were used in Scripture and what comprises a personal testimony, work together to draft and refine our own testimonies, and have some good times trying out our testimonies on each other through various situations.  



Triple R Ranch 

3531 Bunch Walnuts Rd. Chesapeake VA 23322


April 1, 2016  5pm-

April 2, 2016  9pm


Registration Fee $10*  Total Cost: $70

Registration may be paid by PayPal (click the "Buy Now" link below) 

 Check to: Community Bible Church or cash to Don Stuart


Final date of registration is MARCH  31st





*Registration Fee goes toward total cost

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