We are not formal or ritualistic, nor are our services rowdy and disorganized. We do not have a dress code but we do encourage you to dress in a manner that shows respect for God.

We are people from a cross section of the community. We are military, civilian, blue collar workers and professionals, families and singles, multiracial, young and young at heart. We are sinners saved by grace standing on the solid ground of Christ our Savior.


While we are not denominationally affiliated, we are associated with the

Independant Fundemental Churches of America (IFCA).

This group of churches is well known for it's members such as: Dr. John MacArthur of Grace to You,  Dr. M.R. Dehaan of Radio Bible Class, Dr. John Walvoord of Dallas Seminary, and a number of other well known Chrisitan leaders. 

Welcome to Community


We are often asked "What is a Bible church?" We are glad to give an answer. We are a Bible-teaching, Christ-centered ministry. We are not cultic; rather we are evangelical holding to the teaching identified as solidly biblical.


Our method of preaching is expository. It is verse-by-verse with explanation of the meaning of the passage coupled with application to current life. Primarily we teach through a Bible  book; but from time to time a doctrine, character or subject is addressed. 

We believe this method is: Biblical - 2 Timothy 4:2, covers the whole counsel of God, teaches every biblical doctrine over time, helps you to understand the Bible.

We encourage you to bring your Bible to church and follow along in the Scripture as the Bereans of old did. (Acts 17:10-11)



Church Constitution (Full Document)